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Tournament Tutorial
Only WolfsOnFire Administration will ''PIN'' Topics and Announce Them if the Tournament will start or will be available. Any Other Tournaments that is ONLY Requested by People on Forum are NOT ACTIVE Tournaments. You have to copy all topics text, even THIS text and the ''P.S.'' text. If Your Application won't be filled with showed lists of points, then it will be ignored & closed. (Also +1 Warn point)

Tournament can't be Hosted if it's for Promotion or Finding Players/People for Group/Team.

Your Name (Surname Optional) -
Nickname -
Your Forum Profile Link -
Where will Tournament happen? (In-Game, Forum, Other) -
How many people can join? (Minimum and Maximum People) -
Date & Time for Registration to Tournament? (From - Until) -
Date & Time for Tournament to Start/Happen? -
Will You Need WolfsOnFire Staff Help to Host the Tournament? -
How many Other people will help you to Host this Tournament? (Nicknames or Forum Profile links) -
Prize? (!Warning! To Ensure the Tournament will go as planned and the prize would be given/paid to Players, You will have to Agree, that Prize will be Held by WolfsOnFire Staff) (ONLY Verified Tournament Host will have this rule revoked) -
Tournament Rules? (As Screenshot, File or Pastebin) -
Live Tournament Bracket Link (IF You Need Bracket for Tournament, We Suggest ''bracketsninja com'') -
Tournament IP/Sever? (You can send that in Private Message to Staff, Link this Tournament Topic in message) -
Will You have Live Stream for Tournament (If Yes, Link The Live Stream Link) or You want us to Live stream the Tournament? -
Any Other Comments or Questions? -

P.S. Please be advised, that this information is in public and more PERSONAL information about Tournament (Proof & Verification about Rewards) will be asked from You to provide, if [Founder] and [Head Admins] will agree on your Tournament Host.

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