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Application to become one of WolfsOnFire Team Members
Only People in Forum who are active at least 1 week and have a minimum of 5 posts, can Apply. Please Follow every step as is shown in this topic. You have to copy all topics text, even THIS text and the ''P.S.'' text. If Your Application won't be filled with showed lists of points, then it will be ignored & closed. (Also +1 Warn point)

Your Name (Surname Optional) -
Your Nickname -
Your Forum Profile Link -
Introduce Yourself Topic Link -
Age -
Where do you live (Country) & Your Time Zone -
Activity Time/Hours -
Staff Role -
Your personal Experience in this Staff Role -
Why do You want to join as Staff in WolfsOnFire? -
Why would we choose you as our Staff? -
Can you use Phone/Laptop (When you are not at Home) to be active on WolfsOnFire Forum, when we would call/message You? -
Is there any extra work You would do for WolfsOnFire as Staff? (Replying to Support Live Chat/Emails • Helping Newcomers • Resolving Issues about Reports • Watching Server activity and reporting it to Tech Staff (Bugs/Players/Downtime) • Other)

P.S. Please be advised, that this information is in public and more PERSONAL information will be asked from You to provide if the Staff will agree on your application. On this topic can comment ONLY Staff.

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