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Please Follow Every rule as is shown in this topic. By connecting to our site (WolfsOnFire) or Registering here, you are agreeing on these rules. If You will break any of these Rules, You can get from (+1 Warn) up to Permanent Ban from WolfsOnFire.

1.0 Use only English Language in Forum and Chat.
1.1 Respect All users - Guests, Registered Users, Admins, and etc.
1.2 It's forbidden to Advertisement anything that isn't common with WolfsOnFire
1.3 Watch your Language (No Racism, Sexism, and Swearing).
1.4 It's forbidden to put 18+ type pics and links in Website!
1.5 You are allowed to create ONLY 1 account!
1.6 If you are posting a copy post, then leave the original link and give credit to the creator!
1.7 Follow instructions which are created by Admins in each section of Posts!
1.8 Topic has to be in right place! (Player reports in Player reports section, etc).
1.9 Don't Spam and don't use 'Caps Lock' often!
1.10 Before you post, check if there isn't already a post that is similar to yours!
1.11 Don't copy other users profile Picture and Nickname!
1.12 Don't post personal info (Number, Address, etc).
1.13 Nickname has to be in any Formal Language. (No Swear words)

P.S. Please be advised, that we can change rules at any time, so check them every day. This topic can be Edited, by [Head Admins].

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