Purchasing Questions

When My Product will arrive?
Depends on the company we are working with. (Usually you can see their delivery times on their website).
My Product Didn't get delivered. What do I do?
At first please try to resolve this question with the company from which you ordered. If there is still an error, please contact WolfsOnFireOfficial@gmail.com
Are the Products High-Quality?
Yes, they are! We try to work with companies who deliver ONLY High-Quality Products for our Followers.

Technical Support

There is a Error/Bug or Page isn't loading. What should I do?
The best way is to report it in our Discord
Or report it to our Email - WolfsOnFireOfficial@gmail.com
I have problems with My Forum account.
Report it in the right section of the forum about the issue.


Who is hosting servers for WolfsOnFire?
We don't discuss such information, it's for security reasons.
I have server & host, but I want to have players on it.
You can Join on our Server Team, to gain players for your server, We will add your server to our server list.
Contact - WolfsOnFireOfficial@gmail.com
What game servers do you have now?
CSGO (Closed Beta) and Minecraft (Closed Beta) only At the time.
Which game servers will be in future?
As of right now, our plans is to have these game servers:
Garry's Mod, Rust, GTA 5, Arma 3, 7 Days to Die and More


Is that the full list of people, who are working in WolfsOnFire?
No, It's not. Some people who work for WolfsOnFire wants to stay anonymous.
Can I join WolfsOnFire Team?
Yes, you can! But remember, WolfsOnFire is non-profit organization right now,
so everyone here are working as volunteers.
Contact - WolfsOnFireOfficial@gmail.com
Can someone from Team, create something for me, for reasonable price?
Yes, they Can. Just contact them on social Media, or here - WolfsOnFireOfficial@gmail.com


What is WolfsOnFire?
WolfsOnFire is right now an Gaming Community, that has a plan to become an E-Sports Organization in future.
How did WolfsOnFire got created?
MysteryShot and Nordew wanted to participate in tournaments in 2016.
So they where looking for players who would join them in the journey.
After some tournaments they where starting to create a name for WolfsOnFire
Then they decided to make it bigger.
Why the name is WolfsOnFire, not WolvesOnFire?
The name is written because MysteryShot and Nordew said WolvesOnFire as Latvian would say that in English (Who doesn't know English).
At start it was just a joke, but they wanted to keep it and go with it.
Are you getting paid or do you have income?
Only small income is from our Merchandise.
But No, we aren't getting paid right now from anything else, that it has to do with WolfsOnFire.
We are investing our personal money in to this project.

Copyright & Legal

Is WolfsOnFire Name and Logo trademarked?
Yes, it is!
Can I use WolfsOnFire Logo & Name?
Without our permission, no.
Where can I get permission, to use WolfsOnFire Logo and Name?
You can send message to WolfsOnFireOfficial@gmail.com
Can I Sell/Resell anything with WolfsOnFire Logo or/and Name on it to earn money?
No, You Can't!

Need help or found a bug?

Then feel free to contact Us. Ask any question or tell us, what is wrong with our site.